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Our partnership mission for human space exploration is centered around advancing the frontiers of knowledge, pushing the boundaries of human capability, and expanding our presence beyond Earth. Together, we aim to achieve the following objectives




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Blacks in Technology

Blacks In Technology is a global platform for Black people in technology. We are “Stomping the Divide” by establishing standards for world class technical excellence. BIT serves members through community, media and mentorship.

Space Foundation

Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization founded in 1983, offering a gateway to education, information and collaboration for space exploration and space-inspired industries that define the global space ecosystem.

The Planetary Society

The organization is registered 501(c)3 non-profit and engages a global community of more than 2 million space enthusiasts.

Landstronaut Society

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Space Renaissance International

The mission of SRI is to facilitate the development of mankind as an interplanetary society, with aspirations to see humanity grow to become an interstellar civilisation.

Space Force

Business Architecture

United States Navy

Enterprise Networks

United States Army

Soldier Survivability


Propulsion Systems

Basic and advanced research

United States Air Force

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Partnership Initiatives

Foster Technological Innovation:

By combining our expertise, resources, and research capabilities, we will drive technological advancements critical for human space exploration. We will collaborate on the development of advanced propulsion systems, life support technologies, robotics, and sustainable infrastructure that will enable safe and efficient long-duration missions.

Enable Sustainable Human Presence:

Our partnership will focus on establishing sustainable habitats and infrastructure beyond Earth. We will work together to develop innovative solutions for resource utilization, such as in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) technologies, 3D printing, and closed-loop life support systems. These efforts will pave the way for long-term human presence and self-sufficiency in space.

Foster International Collaboration:

Human space exploration is a global endeavor that transcends borders. Our partnership will actively seek to collaborate with international space agencies, research institutions, and industry partners. By promoting open collaboration, sharing resources, and aligning our goals, we will build a global community united in the pursuit of space exploration.

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Inspire and Educate:

We recognize the importance of inspiring the next generation of explorers and nurturing a scientifically literate society. Our partnership will prioritize educational outreach initiatives, public engagement programs, and STEM education collaborations. By sharing our passion for space exploration and providing opportunities for hands-on learning, we will ignite curiosity and inspire future leaders in the field.

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Ensure Safety and Mission Success:

Human space exploration carries inherent risks. Our partnership will prioritize safety as a core principle, sharing best practices, lessons learned, and jointly developing rigorous safety protocols. By mitigating risks and enhancing mission success, we will ensure the well-being of astronauts and the overall success of our exploration endeavors.

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Expand Scientific Knowledge:

Exploration is driven by the pursuit of scientific discovery. Through our partnership, we will support collaborative research initiatives aimed at advancing our understanding of the cosmos, Earth, and the effects of space on the human body. By conducting joint experiments, sharing data, and collaborating on data analysis, we will accelerate scientific breakthroughs that benefit humanity.

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