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Human Performance

Product development and service design for the futurism of enhancing the way humans navigate in a space environment with special emphasis on evolved GPS with position navigation and timing technology.


Design and construction of spacecraft, satellites, launch vehicles, and ground-based systems that support space missions for human survivability.


 Develop and deliver products and services that meet the unique needs and requirements for networking and communications from Space to Ground (StG). 


The ability to maneuver to engage in the region beginning at the lower boundary of the Earth's ionosphere (approximately 50 KMs) and extending outward.

Space Sensing

Space Situational Awareness and Environmental Monitoring (SSAEM)

Space Access

On-orbit experiments and prototyping, innovative concepts of operation development,


Stay connected, Never lost

Situal Awareness

Stay connected. Avoid the threat. 

Advances in fields such as biotechnology, robotics, and materials science may lead to the development of technologies that augment human physical abilities. The use of suits and exoskeletons to enhance strength and endurance that offer improved functionality for enhanced performance.

Physical Enhancements


Cultivating survivability lifestyle systems and techniques for humans  that  live and work in (Land to Space) exploratory and extreme environments that include aquanautics, aeronautics, commercial spaceflight, and astronautics for the futurism of humanity. 


Technological components and systems that support Human Performance Enhancement and Survivability from Land to Space. Provide life support and protection to astronauts in the harsh environment of space, advancements in technology have led to the incorporation of various IT elements to enhance human performance capabilities.


Human performance futurism, also known as human augmentation or human enhancement, refers to the exploration and prediction of advancements in technologies and practices that enhance human physical and cognitive capabilities. 


Provide students with a solid foundation in the science of human performance and equip them with the knowledge and skills to optimize performance in different contexts in various domains including; sports, operations, and space exploration. 


The design and aerodynamics of the apparel or equipment that visualize and optimize the design of human performance-enhancing suits, ensuring they not only enhance performance but also reflect a desired style or aesthetic for survivability. 



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