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These objectives build upon each other to shape a new organizational culture with a focus on space as a Systems of Systems domain, emboldening Saucershippers to produce game-changing outcomes. Each objective is essential in strengthening the trust, transparency, and accountability necessary for teams to excel. Unprecedented and digitally enables connectedness will underpin our success.


The Saucershipper Ideal is aspirational and will take time to realize fully. We are committed to achieving these objectives in the shortest timeline. We are also mindful of the responsibility to all Saucershippers during this time of transition to a new talent management model and will develop thoughtful transition plans with input and involvement from all levels of the force.  

Digital Culture

To accomplish this we will create digital solutions, dismantle data stove pipes to establish a digitally enabled culture focused on fostering transparency, communication, and inclusive decision-making.


Agile software development, software product management, product lifecycle management, data architecture, data analytics, cyber security, cyber defense and information technology infrastructure. 

Software coders, data scientists, and information technology experts that will lead our digital efforts across the force.


for Professionals

Expanded reach of diverse candidates to join our workforce and enhances the opportunities available to the force in congruence with deliberate development. fresh approach to attract, individually develop, and retain the best and brightest talent. Capitalizing on a more lean and agile force that partners effectively with other space-interested entities.

for Students

Gain hands-on experience in a field of interest, and they can often lead to future job opportunities with Landstronaut®.

  1. Undergraduate research programs

  2. Summer research programs

  3. Research internships

  4. Independent research projects

  5. Research conferences and competitions



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