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Human Performance Enhancement (HPE) Infrastructure

Technological components and systems that support Human Performance Enhancement and Survivability from Land to Space. Provide life support and protection to astronauts in the harsh environment of space, advancements in technology have led to the incorporation of various IT elements to enhance human performance capabilities.

Data Collection

measurements parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity, oxygen levels, environmental conditions and carbon dioxide levels for monitoring and analysis.

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Control Systems

Regulate human performance temperature, control ventilation, adjust pressure levels, and activate other suit functions as needed.

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Built-in communication systems that allow astronauts to communicate with each other, mission control centers, and other spacecraft or other mission assets. 

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Power and Energy


Power management systems that regulate power usage, communications, monitor battery levels, and ensure sufficient energy supply to support human performance functions throughout the duration of a mission.

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Data Storage

Onboard data storage capabilities to log important information and records during missions for post-mission analysis, troubleshooting, and future improvements.

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Systems of Systems (SoS)


Real-time data exchange, coordination with mission control, and integration with the overall mission systems.

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