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Water Analysis

Calcium                               4,5

Magnesium                       0,92

Hydrocarbonate                 ***

Potassium                         <0,4

Natrium                               ***

Chloride                               10

Sulphate                              <5

pH-value                              8,8


  • Tasteless and soft premium water

  • Extremely high degree of purity

  • Naturally pure, filtered by a unique lava stone filter technique

  • No chemical additives

  • free from today's environmental influences

  • pH value of 8.8

  • Gluten-free

  • Recommended for the preparation of baby food


Our water spring is located in Bláfjöll (Blue Mountains), where one of the largest water springs in Iceland is located.

The flow from our spring is 3 m3 per second and has been slowly and naturally filtered through rock and lava for 5,000 years, making our water one of the purest and best in the world.


With our brand VÖK, we are well positioned in the Scandinavian countries. Now it‘s time promoting internationalization and tapping the markets of the world with a good management team and strong partners.

Imported by:

Park Street Imports,
Miami Florida for
Destiny Record Label


Icelandic spring water in its original purity

Bottled By

Vok Watero ehf, Heoinsgata 2, 104 Reykjavik, Iceland




The icelandic water is different to all the regular mineral and spring waters.
The reason for the high pH is the structure of the water. The water is mainly H3O2 and less H2O.


Against all the other waters with higher pH the icelandic water has nearly no minerals inside and the high oxygen content (molecular).
For that speciality there is a study from Prof.Pollack (University of Washington) about the hexagonal structure of natural glacial water:

LANDSTRONAUT VÖK copy 7-1 (2).png


Get 2 orders of 5-gallon VÖK Water sent directly to your door 2 times a month (Total 4).

500 mL Bottle 

Get 4 cases of bottled VÖK Water sent directly to your door once a month. (12 bottles per case)


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